WILD ACRE: Creating a cut flower garden – this link shows us how. Every home should have fresh-cut flowers in it.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) Zones 3-8…“Glowing Dream“. This variety is smaller at 18 inches, can be used in garden bed or containers, and has the most incredible watermelon pink color. TGG Tip: Cut back old flowers a couple times a week, and you will be rewarded with many more blooms and a neater plant.

There is nothing like having fresh cut flowers in the house. I don’t know about you, but it often brightens up my day as you can’t help but smile when fresh flowers are around. Buying them in the store weekly or even monthly can sometimes get a bit pricey. The perfect solution is to plant…Read More »

You will want to plant these corms (a type of bulb) in full sun and in well drained soil after danger of frost. You would plant them 3-4 inches deep with flat side down and about 5 inches apart. A great technique is planting multiples of them a week apart to have glads blooming all summer into fall!

This is a guide about cut flower preservation recipes. When you buy cut flowers they often come with a packet of preserver to add to the water. If displaying flowers from your garden you can make your own, using products found in your home.